Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cardio Tennis Craze

Brett Sargeant teaches a cardio class at AVAC.

If tennis weren't exercise enough, a special program has been laid out for coaches across the nation. Cardio Tennis is designed to burn more calories in less time. With these lessons, a large number of players can crowd a court for loud music, heart-pumping action, and a few lost calories. Players are starting to realize this, and more lessons are being offered nationwide.

Each class participant is expected to wear a heart monitor, both to estimate calorie consumption and monitor their activity level. Each drill is designed to keep the players moving at high paces. The less people, the more intense the lesson becomes.

I have personally participated in this type of lesson. It is incredibly fun and challenging. Not only is the player able to train their body, but their skills as well. It's money well spent.

If you seen this in magazines as I have, you might think it's just some diet inspired activity. However, the lesson is a good break the monotonous skill developmental lessons offered by most pros. Give it a try.

If it's all interesting to you, check out the cardio tennis website for the location nearest you. From a quick survey of my area, most major clubs offer this lesson. If you have any questions about it refer to the website or contact me.

Tennis Event - Big Bold Bash

2007 Big Bold Bash

Saturday, January 27 - All Day or Selected Times
Santa Clara, CA

Once a year, the Nor cal Division of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) host the Big Bold Bash. This event contains a day's worth of tennis related lectures and concludes with a dinner. The lectures are free, and the dinner cost $50 for an adult. All prices require you to be a USTA member.

I attended the Bash last year, and found it to be very interesting. Lectures included mental game, strategy, and fitness. Vic Braden, world-renowned coach, is a return guest. There is an early bird drop-in tournament prior to the lectures, which is an addition to last year.

With the weather as it is, prepare for rain and the cold . Last year was not an exception to this policy. Only hope remains for the 'Dare to Dream' Big Bold Bash 2007.

See you there.

ESPN TV Listings - Tennis

This link was posted in the last blog. After further investigation, I just wanted to point out the usefulness of the page. Generally, ESPN likes to give broad schedules for tennis with little or no concern. Now, the growing American interest has spawned a small page that list all the ESPN Tennis listings, by channel and time.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pigs Can Fly!

It would seem that Andy Roddick has regained his former mojo. There was some doubt as to the future of the young player. The man went from American Savior to James Blake's back-up in less than a year. After test driving a number of coaches, Jimmy Conners helped Andy end last season on an up note. Only to start this season with a blast.

Andy managed to reign supreme in a three set exhibition match against Roger Federer. While exhibition matches will not bring Andy out of his slump, nor will they break Federer's long-standing extraordinary records, a sense of accomplishment sweeps over the this nation. Meanwhile, the Swiss Killing American Savior will be at the mercy of high expectations during the Australian Open.

Tune in this Sunday for early round play of the Aussie Open, check for show times.